Dentsply Protaper Universal 31mm Assorted

Dentsply Protaper Universal 31mm Assorted

2850 3150

Manufacturer: Dentsply Sirona

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Dentsply ProTaper Universal is a rotary endodontic file composed of nickel titanium alloy. The ProTaper files are supplied as two variants to be used in different phases of shaping the root canals in endodontic therapy. They are the ProTaper Shaping files and the ProTaper Finishing files. The ProTaper rotary files aid in efficient biomechanical preparation of the root canal. Rotary ProTaper file system is a comprehensive endodontic file system that has been specially designed to meet the needs of clinicians. The ProTaper rotary files speed and torque values have been specified by the manufacturer for maximum efficiency. The taper of ProTaper files can is variable throughout the cross section of the rotary file. They help the clinician carry out easy, fast and efficient root canal shaping procedures. Only one instrument sequence is required irrespective of the shape of the canal. The files are colour coded for easy and instant identification and following the shaping protocol is relatively easy. Specifically designed drying (paper points) and obturation (gutta percha points) solutions are available, intended for use in canals shaped using the ProTaper Universal system. The ProTaper system reduces chair time taken as only 3 instruments are required for most cases. The files have high cutting power and an apical taper for enhancing cleaning of the canals.

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