Diadent Dia-Proseal

Diadent Dia-Proseal

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Manufacturer: Dia Dent

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Deal of the Month

  • Low risk of cytotoxicity with short setting time
  • Better biocompatibility for a solution to the sensitivity and periapical inflammation
  • High radiopacity
  • Lightly coated Gutta Percha Points with a good film thickness
  • Has good apical tolerance
  • Provides a hermetic seal
  • Does not stain teeth

Dia-Proseal - root canal sealer is an epoxy resin-based formula with outstanding flow characteristics is an epoxy resin-based material for filling and sealing of the root canal. Product is used for permanent root canal obturation. It can lubricate and seal gutta-percha points and serve as an adhesion between them and the root canal walls.

  • Excellent sealing ability: low shrinkage to reduce the gap between the sealer and canal wall. High adhesion to gutta-percha and dentin
  • Outstanding flow characteristics allow the material to reach and seal lateral canals, making it especially suitable for the warm gutta-percha technique
  • High pH value: with the addition of calcium hydroxide, Dia-ProSeal possesses excellent antimicrobial activity
  • Fast and easy preparation with no wasted material: 1:1 paste to paste manual mixing system on the mixing pad
  • Low solubility: resistant to material breakdown over time with long-term dimensional stability
  • Highly biocompatible: minimizing the possibility of periapical inflammation and sensitivity
  • Excellent radiopacity and consistency
  • 1 x 16g Syringe 
  • 1 x Mixing pad
  • 1 x Spatula

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