Dmg Ionosit Base Liner

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Dmg Ionosit Base Liner

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  • Unique compensation for polymerization shrinkage stress through controlled expansion
  • Low flexural modulus for even more stress reduction
  • Fluoride release
  • Antibacterial Properties from zinc
  • No complicated handmixing
  • Protects the pulp
  • Seals the dentinal tubules
  • Prevents postoperative sensitivity
  • Radiopaque

Ionosit Baseliner prevents micro-gaps, the leading cause of microleakage before they happen. It‘s a fact of life that composites undergo polymerization shrinkage. We rely on adhesives to maintain a strong gap-free bond between composite and dentin, but that doesn‘t always happen. Ionosit Baseliner employs patented controlled expansion technology to reduce the post-polymerization stress which leads to leakage, post-op sensitivity and recurrent decay.


  • Base liner for composite restorations
  • Blocking out of undercuts
  • 1 x2.5g syringe

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