TDV Cervical Matrix TDV Cervical Matrix

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TDV Cervical Matrix

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– Two instruments with in a kit composed by five different sizes and flexible shell shapes (XL|L|M|S|XS)
– Simple, comfortable and safety application
– Easily adapted to all class V restorations
– Allows lighting cure composites through the matrix while it is holded under pressure
– Obtains an excellent tooth anatomy reducing the chair time
– Eliminates the oxygen inhibition layer, providing a smooth surface that will require less adjustments
– Does not adhere to the composites
– Autoclave

Code Description

TDV 4210 Cervical Matrix – 2 instruments + 10 assorted matrices

TDV 4212 Cervical Matrix Refill – 100 assorted pieces

TDV 4225 Cervical Matrix Refill – 50 pieces (XL/L/M/S/XS)

Specially designed for Class V restorations. Its five different sizes and flexible shell shapes provides a perfect cervical adaptation, allowing the visualization of the composite due its transparence when polymerizing. As a result an excellent tooth anatomy and reduced time in the procedure.

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