Meta Biomed Etchant Etching Gel Pk-3

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Meta Biomed Etchant Etching Gel Pk-3

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Manufacturer: Meta Biomed

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Meta Etchant   

Meta Etchant contains 37% phosphoric acid in Water thickened With unique polymer.       


  • Composition of surface for dentine and enamel with composite and inlay/onlay.        


  • Phosphoric acid, H2o,Xanthan gum.         


  • Polymer thickened gel   
  • Easy dispensing and application   . 
  • No residue, rinse out comletely   . 
  • Thixotropic characteristics(not runny)         


  • Meta Etchant 3gx3 syringes   
  • Disposable atainless tips 20 ea   . 
  • Dimension(Ø52x152mm)   .
  • Weight : 55g       

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