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Major efforts have been made by the dental scientist to reduce one of the major failure factors in Class II resin composite restorations: marginal infiltration. It is known that when the first increment of resin in the proximal box is kept under pressure while being polymerized, statistically significant results are obtained in the reduction of marginal infiltration (CALIXTO, AL, CANDIDO, MSM; MAZUR, RFJBC, v.5, No. 30, p.491-7, Dec / Jan 2002). The transparent instruments Fotoplus with its four different active tips were developed specifically for the application of this technique.



Choose between the tips the one that best fits the proximal box, since it is desired to act as a plunger on the resin inside the cavity. Take the first increment of resin into the cavity, keeping it under pressure while it is polymerized.


Professional use. It is recommended that Fotoplus be sterilized prior to autoclaving. When there is proven allergy to its component, the product should not be used.


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